Like Not...

like not knowing,
you want to be the smart guy.

like not sleeping,
you do things in slow motion.

like not saying,
you try to find the right time.

like not going,
you try to find the right answer.

like not liking,
you try to be nice.

like not fitting in,
you wish you could fast forward time.
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Knowing How Start Ends

Boy: how does start end?
Girl: good question
B: i know
G: why ask?
B: you're right
G: i know
B: oh do you now?
G: i think so
B: yes, if you know now
G: i didn't know that
B: well you should have known
G: i thought i did
B: i thought so
G: wow!
B: i know
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Judul dan Isi Sedang Mencari

ada judul, ada isi,
ada juga yang tidak berisi
namun tetap terisi.

apa hanya sekedar penampakan,
terlalu arogan untuk makan,
terlewat sebuah perkembangan.

bukan sekedar jeda,
ini seperti usia remaja,
lalu apa akhir ceritanya?
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Note This...

note this... notice
like food stuck in the middle of your teeth
unwanted like sickness
the doctor is where i should've gone to
but i stayed home because it feels nice
like finishing a romantic novel
where the good guy dies in the end
remaining a big red question mark
hung up like street lights for notice
so i note this
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