Yes, Soon

but it's all of a sudden
to bitter for sweetness
like mud on your shirt at dinner time
and i'm already full
like shopping malls and traffic
no one's there for the sound
just rounds of routines
we exercise to be fit
see you in a bit
when the upload is finished
up there on a tree
fresh as the smell after the rain
playing the tunes of the city
shining back at the moon
yes, soon
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Graffiti Gathering for Charity: Recap

Lots and lots of graffiti writers and street artists from all around Indonesia came down to Jl.Otista to participate in a charity event for Mentawai and Merapi. The whole street was filled with writers and artists contributing their works for Indonesia.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't too friendly as it rained around 5pm and we all had to stop our painting. But we all had good time meeting old friends and greeting with other writers and artists. Thank you to 7Soul for making this event possible.

Full wall photo taken from:

Click here for more photos
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Spydee - Reach Out

Reach Out

(Adi Dharma) Produced by Spydee for Stereoflow Productions 2008. Additional background vocals performed by Dule. Recorded at Fractalmindz Studio, Bandung. Mastered at Dialog Studio, Bandung.

Download Song (via Rapid Share)
Download Cover Art
Download Lyrics

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ZNC Undisputed: The Graffiti Jam

Earlier this month, FAB Family (Shake, Cheztwo, Racht4, Stereoflow) made a trip to Singapore to do a graffiti jam with other graffiti writers from Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC). ZNC is an international crew consisting members from all around the world. The graffiti jam went crazy as all ZNC members showed offed their amazing styles on a massive wall of a club that supported us called DblO. We also had an after party inside DblO and yes we got wasted! LOL

Too bad we couldn't stay there long enough to finish the whole wall. So make sure ya'll stay tuned for the full wall and the video that CheztItOut has prepared!

Thanks to SlacSatu, DblO, Montana and a big shout out to all ZNC around the world!

Thanks to WADEZIG! for supporting FAB Family
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Graffiti Gathering for Charity

On the 21st of November, graffiti writers and street artists from all over Indonesia will gather in one big wall and do a production at a charity event. The money gathered will be donated to the people of Mentawai and Merapi.*

Time and Place:
Sunday 9am, 21 November 2010 at Jl. Otista Raya, Jakarta Timur.

Respecta, Artcoholic Squad, FAB Family, Toter, Popo, Darbots, Arks, Ras, Prophagraphic, Yzrl, Eato, Ifdar, Monsta Jam, TTC, MBC, FTB, Bekasi Writer Team, and lots more!

So come and join this good cause and "Pray For Indonesia"

*organized by Ikatan Remaja Mulia and 7Soul
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Daily Drawing: Over There

Over There | Markers on Paper
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Daily Drawing: Here, For You

Here, For You | Markers on Paper
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Purple Haze: 2nd Edition

PURPLE HAZE has released its 2nd Edition. Now they're also available at Lou Belle Shop. Go get 'em now while stocks last!

IDR Rp180,000,- (Indonesia) / US $26 (Outside Indonesia)
*shipping not included

S, M, L, XL, XXL*
*XXL only available online

Click Here to order via online.

Or visit:

Lou Belle Shop
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi #56,
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Phone: (022) 2038668
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ZNC Worldwide: "Undisputed Jam"

Date: 4th-6th November 2010
Location: Singapore

ZNC members from around the world are getting together for a Jamming Session on the 4th till the 6th of November 2010.

Everyone is invited to watch as they transform the side of a building into a wall of spectacular colors.

“Yo ZNC! Free paints, place to crash till 7th nov 12 noon. Grand party on the 6th till late. Hope u guys can make it here by 4th noon aye. C ya soon. To all that couldn’t make it, maybe next time aye. This jam is dedicated for u guys. Peace.” – SlacSatu
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