The 5th ICAD: Looping Life

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The idea comes from the pattern repetition (loop) of Hip-hop music where at a specific part of the song is repeated and turn into a new song. He uses a number of paintings on the wall in a certain pattern; a repetitive pattern. This pattern can be interpreted as a life routine of a person who formed a repetitive pattern by itself. People mobility issue in a hotel can also be seen as a 'loop'. Starts from check-in, sleep, breakfast, and check-out of the hotel. This repetition always happens in our lives, but people are not aware of this. Its presence comes unawared because people tend to see only the big picture. As for song; we listen to a lot of songs, but we do not pay attention to its repetition.

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The 5th Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design

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Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) is the first exhibition that initiated the collaboration of design, art, technology, entertainment, and hospitality industry; involving interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, scenographers, painters, sculptors and film maker.

ICAD is held annually exploring the richness of Indonesia local wisdom in a contemporary way. Each year, the exhibition lasts for 6 weeks with various program activity mainly related with design and art. ICAD always introduces inspirational people with their brilliant and inspirational works to be shared and to be experienced by the public.

The exhibition includes design and art installation, convention, workshop and film festival.

Design and art is a reflection of life. It is an expression, communication of emotion or other qualities to engage an individual’s aesthetic sensibilities. It stimulates individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs or ideas through senses. Human being is able to explore the sensation of design and art through five senses… and also another one, mind sense. The mind denotes an internal sense organ which interact with sense object that include sense impressions, feelings, perceptions and volitions. All these six senses are called ayatana.

‘ayatana’ is an ancient Sanskrit word means “sense base” or “sense sphere”, expressing the essence of sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch hand feeling from the heart – all of which can be experienced in the 5th ICAD. We are taking you to experience design and art in ICAD using your ayatana.
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