Family Matters Review On BabyBoss


Babyboss newest edition had a review on FAB Family's Family Matters exhibition. A nice review indeed and good photos too. So why don't you grab yourself a copy now!

FAB Family was also mentioned on the Graffiti Asia Book article about us representing Indonesia. Yep, we represent Indonesia for sure!
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'The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox' exhibition was held at Smarta Gallery, Jakarta. This contemporary typography exhibition involves 36 young Indonesian artists which were each given a letter or number for them to explore and interpret.

I (Stereoflow) was given the letter E. And without further exploration or research, I immediately knew what the letter E meant for me. Yes, E for me is Edor. My very own purple friend that has visually existed for the past three years.

E(dor!) | Acrylics on Metal (60cm x 80cm) | 2010
Edor's Page
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Under The Guitar Strings

songs of split seconds
a momentum in ashtrays
wrapped inside birthday presents
it presents...
a premier of a tangled cable
sitting pretty on a stable
rocking like rock stages
eruption of the phases
over the mountains
under the guitar strings
let's sing...
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The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox


Smarta Gallery presents: 'The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox'

A Contemporary Typography Exhibition by 36 Indonesian Young Artists.

Opening Exhibition:
September 18th, 7pm at Smarta Gallery.
Jl. Bendungan Jatiluhur No.26 Jakarta Pusat.

With participating artists:
Adityayoga, Adri Tirtoarrazaq, Arya Mulawarma, Abinara, Astronautboys, Diela Maharanie, Dimas Indra Pramana, Designani,, Griksa Gunadarma Astrawinata, Indriasari Purbadjaja, Lidia Puspita Dulam, Miko Nugraha, Muhammad Raihan Jabbar, Mistara Pandu, Muloyoung, Nikki Hartomo, Pamela Halomoan, Prasajadi Heru Lastiko, Resatio Adi Putra, Rafsya Basith Ibrahim, Restu Ratnaningtyas, Roy Bayu Putra, Ryan Mardhika Dirgantara, Singpenthinkhappy, Shake, Sheterror, Stereoflow, Thunderpanda, Toro Elmar, Welly Lennon, Yudi Amboro, Yellowdino, Yona Yunistia.

The exhibition will be held until 16 October 2010
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Matching Shoes and Shirts

the shoe matches the shirt
and words fluttering the flirt
then on to the bar
key chains and little stars
buried 6 feet under the afternoon
then in comes the silly bright moon
for a flick of a little drama
it's thick like a full circle of pizza
when a bite was taken
a slight movement was mistaken
like arrows missing the bull's eye
it's the season when the well has gone dry
suddenly it rains and everybody's dancing
forget about the news because it's enhancing
mixing the mud from dirt
with matching shoes and shirts
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For The Next Word

what's the value of an ace?
this is space.
full of emptiness
i fly without air
to describe nothing
doodles on a see-through paper
i see through anger
not hate, as it was love
not late, only a little early for the champaign
so here's a beer bottle toast
for a Thursday
'cause the space bar has already been pressed
for the next word
and then a full stop.
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Daily Drawing: September

Pen and Markers on my Sketchbook

Pen and Markers on my Sketchbook
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Featured: Suave #73

FAB Family is featured in Suave's September issue. A good piece about FAB Family and also a recap on our Family Matters exhibition. Thank you Suave!


Download Suave #73
For PC
For Mac
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Go Sailing

I went sailing with Astronautboys and The Popo.

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Kemanakah Arah?

Kemanakah Arah | Pen and Markers on Paper (A3) | 2010

A drawing about things that influence peoples directions and how these influences stay with them being part of themselves. Common's I Used to Love H.E.R, 2Pac's Thug Life tatoo and all these flashback images that maybe responsible for the way I think today. Searching for that goal or dream, or for my instance an apple. But really the apple is with us. Just need to look in the mirror.
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