Pecha Kucha Night 3


20 slides, each slides for 20 seconds! That was the rule and I had to follow that. Very challenging indeed. And if you know me, I don’t talk that fast. But in that 20 seconds, I had to explain all of my activity as a graffiti writer. Fun and exciting! I was amazed to see many creative individuals present their works in front of a creative crowd -which made me a bit nervous-. I have to admit that Bandung has many creative people. I can feel the positive spirit just flowing in the room.
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Bukan... Hanya...

bukan cepat, hanya di depan
bukan kuat, hanya bertahan
bukan bergerak, hanya tidak diam
bukan menjawab, hanya menjelaskan
bukan menatap, hanya menyaksikan
bukan mendadak, hanya tanpa peringatan
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A Session With The Jams

pencil sketches like future plans
smoke floating above the ashtray with light
a standard ring tone never hi-tech
i read the message i like

while the coffee turns cold in the a.m
and music playing softly like skin
the tube of paint in one color
making the lines look thin

and detailed like 1000x zoomed in
i sail away without a boat
scrolling blogs finding nothing
just water down my throat

more work and better endings
rock on like rock bands
i play no instrument
in a session with the jams
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What Color Would We Make?

all was just to small to fit in
not a single thought left
a dot was too big
and now i realize
that i'm in an intersection
hoping the red light will stay red
not wanting to leave
not wanting to look back either
no bags are packed
let me stay here for a while
hoping it will last
but wanting it to be over
like a boring movie
i bore you maybe
in this colorful life
you're a color in a different spectrum
but colors are colors
why not see what color would we make?
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The First Bang!

"Where are they?" She asks for the men that she's hiding from. She peeks through a wooden crate full of curiosity. Shivering and scared, she tries not to be unheard but in the same time expecting sounds from the men who are looking for her. "I think I'll take a look, make sure that we're okay", said the woman to the girl crouching next to hear. "Please don't go!", says the little girl. The woman ignored the girl and stood up quietly and slowly. 'BANG!'
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Silenced with a Bang!

"Where's mom?" the child sadly asked to the stranger that's pointing a gun to her head.
The child starts crying in confusion saying, "I want my mom". "You wanna see your mom?" said the stranger with furious eyes while pressing the tip of his gun more closer to the child's head. 'BANG!'.
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Play Day

romance like france
hold hands and dance
the slow rhythm of freedom
yes, you're very welcome
enter the blender
mix like bartender
paint inside the tray
splash it and play
fun like a chocolate bun
stay here, don't run
up the icy mountains
and i see fountains
reaching the skies
with kites that flies
through colors of wind
not lost, nothing to win
no mayday
just another play day
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Starting the Year 2009

Fabulous Family by Pope

Starting the year 2009 with my family, FAB Family. To admit it, it wasn't our best work but we had a fabulous day.




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New Years, Cheers!

new years
facing new fears
crying new tears
and drink more beer
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