The Shell and The Fish

between the poster and the wall
don't fall...

colors stay happy as children
strong like the character in books
light as seeing the sight
like the same good taste of chocolate
it's mightier than might
and maybe... able to be
an insect hovering towers
like pressing buttons randomly
splashing sounds into the mirror
and sing free with fast winds
blowing into tunnels
and traveling off clouds
leaping to a new story
it could be glory
and like fishes swimming free
thinking was the shell
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One Village One Playground


"One Village, One Playground" is a project lead by Urbane Community to help the people of Babakan Asri. Before the project, their village will flood for about three days at knee level height whenever rain comes and water will enter their houses ruining their furniture and ruining their daily activities. But thanks to this program, now they don't have to worry about the flood coming into their houses because Urbane made a drainage system that can absorb rain water in a faster time.
Not only did they fix the drainage system, Urbane also wanted to do a whole make-over by putting colors into the village walls and that's when we (FAB Family, The Yellow Dino, Tell Them, Astronautboys, and CikCuk) came in...





Big thanks to Bakrieland, Dana Paint, Urbane Community, Wadezig (for the tees), and the people of Babakan Asih for being so nice!
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The Direction

The Direction | Markers, Acrylics on A4 Colored Paper | 2009
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Lines Lines Lines

Lines #1 (Long Neck Monsta) | Markers on cut out A4 Paper

Lines #2 | Markers on cut out A4 Paper

Lines #3 | Markers on cut out A4 Paper
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Edor "Paper Toy"

Actually I've made Edor's template last year but my printer was kinda doing wrong colors. And it was Indy6 that printed the template. So I'd like to give a loud shout to him. Thanks!

Edor | Paper folding, cutting and gluing on A4 Colored Paper
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20-25th OF MAY 2009
11am - 5pm
Campus Maranatha Food Federation
Jl.Prof.drg.Suria Sumantri, MPH no.65 Bandung

With live performance and artwork from :

Live Perform :
20th of May @ 11.30 am
25th of May @ 01.00 pm

Also featuring artwork from :
The YellowW Dino (Mode Four)
Machine56 (Mode Four)
Stereoflow (FAB Family)
Shake (FAB Family)
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Muko Experiments

Muko #1 | Acrylics on (60cm x 80cm) on Cardboard | May 2009

Muko #2 | Acrylics, Markers, Spray Paint, Ink on (60cm x 80cm) on Cardboard | May 2009

Artworks for "Shockwave" Urban Art Exhibition held at Maranatha Campus, Bandung.
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Fists Up in the Air with Market

imaginary blue prints and whispers
becoming realer than true stories
yet slow like Indonesia's development
piling up like trash in center earth
the song plays fast and furiously
so loud i can hear it in my sleep
dreams of meeting the mountain fish
dwelling under bridges and rocks
beneath high heels and train tracks
shaking hands until i drop like candidates
counting without numbers to lose
just scores of the winning team
and letters can't combine to make history
hunting down my hero of freedom
and seeing fists up in the air with market
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Tapak | Acrylics on (60cm x 80cm) Cardboard
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Thunder in the Morning Paper

i jump while the ground is moving
landing in different spots and places
like mixing colors of paint
splat-splat and dripping down
also dropping by like leaves
fly again like old planes
to crash clouds
making lightning in the seeds
and thunder in the morning paper

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