Rey Sin Una Corona: Artwork

 photo RSUC_AW_01_zpscede3e89.jpg
King Of Stereoflows

 photo RSUC_AW_02_zps8b834cb0.jpg
The Hidden King

 photo RSUC_AW_03_zpsf2e2e1a7.jpg
King Inside

 photo RSUC_AW_04_zps80a52157.jpg
Everyone's A King
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Five Live Surawisesa: Recap

 photo fls_zps5d6f3597.jpg
Live painting for Five Live Surawisesa event at SMAN 5 Bandung. This time I shared a panel with FSA (Five Street Art) which is an extracurricular group who practices street art. The whole concept of the event was interesting, actually. Their theme was based on a Sundanese character, Surawisesa. Their focus was to bring back the Sundanese culture in Bandung as young people nowadays are forgetting the traditional values of their own culture. I also was asked to make an artwork for their event t-shirt. I had a great time and would like to thank Hakiki and all the cool students at SMAN 5 Bandung.

 photo fls_00_zps012e32bc.jpg
 photo fls_01_zpsade67e1e.jpg
 photo fls_02_zpsa3cca9bc.jpg
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Here, Take My Smile

 photo htms_zpsbaf053a5.jpg
Here, Take My Smile | Acrylics on Canvas (60cm x 60cm), 2013

The sketch of this painting was taken from one of my daily drawings. If I can remember the day I made the sketch was when I had to meet many people that day. It made me have to perform a smile every time I met a person. You could say they were fake smiles but they weren't because smiles are actually powerful. Powerful enough to make someone have a nice day. So here, take my smile.
 photo htms_02_zps7f7c5fec.jpg
 photo htms_01_zps2dcb2271.jpg
*Exhibited for Graffiti Asia at The Space Bangkok
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Graffiti Asia: Exhibition Opening

 photo thespace_01_zps69cb3200.jpg
"Thanks to all who showed up at our Graffiti Asia show on Thursday. The show will be up for the next month so get in touch if you are in Bangkok and come say hello" -Shazeed of The SRK

 photo thespace_02_zps2a87b7b0.jpg
 photo thespace_03_zps8b1f50c8.jpg
 photo thespace_04_zps1204202c.jpg
*photos taken from The SRK

The Space Bangkok
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Five Live Surawisesa

 photo Surawisesa_zps13eea9b4.jpg
I will be doing a live painting with FSA (Five Street Art) at Five Live Surawisesa which is an annual event presented by SMA Negeri 5, Bandung. There will be lots of good stuff going on. See y'all there!
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Graffiti Asia: Exhibition

 photo Graffiti-Asia-flyer_zps5cf3a104.jpg
I will be showing my latest canvas work for Graffiti Asia exhibition which is presented by The SRK at The Space with other artists from all over Asia.
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Temukan Indonesiamu

 photo Aqua_TI_busshelter_zps0d549bb2.jpg
I had the chance to work with Danone Aqua on their project called "Temukan Indonesiamu" -find your Indonesia. This project is very interesting because it tells us to find our Indonesia. A good cause indeed because younger generations here seem to forget where they come from and with this campaign I think it can help remind them who they are and how rich of cultures we have. I spent three long days along with four other artists (Tutu, Sidvizeus, Robowobo and Gula) in an airbrush workshop to work on the vinyls that was later going to be put up on bus shelters in Jakarta. It was a very nice experience for all of us and I really enjoyed the time working on this. Thank you to Plussixtwo and Aqua.

*scroll down to watch the video
 photo Aqua_TI_sketch_zps16f76c82.jpg
 photo Aqua_TI_stereoflow_zps4bd38266.jpg
 photo Aqua_TI_tutu_zps6a773dab.jpg
 photo Aqua_TI_sidvizeus_zps7503de9f.jpg
 photo Aqua_TI_robowobo_zps14d62372.jpg
 photo Aqua_TI_gula_zpsda97de09.jpg
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