Visual Jalanan Interview

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I was interviewed for Visual Jalanan which is a blog that captures just about everything happening in the streets including street art and artists. Here is their video on the interview they had with me.

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Mixcloud: The Soul Motel (Private Room)

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Manifesto No.4: Input to Output

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My installation art for Manifesto No.4 "Keseharian: Mencandra Tanda-tanda Masa" at Galeri Nasional Indonesia. I used daily objects that felt close to me representing my daily routine as my input. Then I hid them away by painting them over in white. This shows that the input has been processed. After that, I painted it over again showing the output.

 photo ITO_01_zpsd7710167.jpg
 photo ITO_02_zpsb5bbfd81.jpg
 photo ITO_03_zpse093fedc.jpg
 photo ITA_04_zps956482b7.jpg
 photo ITO_05_zps0df7a5c0.jpg
 photo ITO_06_zps52595e3e.jpg
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