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The Transition (In Between)

holding back while moving forward
the further away i come and go
walking towards the pillow and the blanket
making a dream and out of a nightmare
the thickness of the baseline
playing with the headline news
drawing straight into traffic lights
making traffic jams and trash cans now full
and empty on the coldest nights
thunder clapping with the beat
clearing the sound
like a dominant species
but the contrast blurs
the transition... in between
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Walkin' The Streets

Walkin' The Streets | Markers on Paper, Digital Coloring

*taken from my old brown book.
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FAB Family in Wadezig's EGO!

Wadezig is back with their new EGO! This new version of EGO! is a lot different from their old ones. More Exciting, more crazy and before you even know it, Wadezig! strictly raw up your jaw! Featuring Toter Crew, WeDontDoPhotos, Aftercoma and ofcourse FAB Family. Keep it RAW!

Visit Wadezig! or download EGO! in PDF format.
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Muko - Flow Like U Know

Flow Like U Know | Markers and Acrylic Paint on Cardboard
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Edor Stickin' S'pore

Here's a few flicks from Cheztwo and Racht4's trip to Singpore stickin' some Edor stickers. Thanks guys!

For more of Cheztwo & Racht4's trip to Singapore, visit Cheztitout. Rock on!
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Stereoflow does Fishchick

A while ago, Astronautboys made his version of my character, Edor. So here's my version of Astronautboys's 'half fish-half chicken' character called Fishchick. To view the original fishchick, please check out Astro's blog at

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FAB Family on MySpace

Ladies and gents, guys and gals, people, aliens, ... FAB Family's on MySpace! Simply click the image above to view FAB Family's Myspace and add us! Thanks!
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A Pretty Picture It Was

it rains but we stay dry
and on a sunny day, we'd dance
mars and venus across the universe
being was the beauty
the eyes feel the sound
we made music by holding hands
ice creams and lolly pops
the sweetness before it melts
getting lost in ourselves
finding forever
but i stopped trying
so it stopped
knowing was too much
a momentum
no pose
a pretty picture it was
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Astronautboys does Edor

Edor by Astronautboys

Finally, Edor opens his eyes! lol. This is Astronautboys's version of Edor 'the street walrus'. You can see that he could really capture Edor's character with his own strong and unique style. Check out more of Astronautboys at
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The Green Says Stop

shadows hover over my head
i wake up beneath the surface
between coffee and cigarettes
the smoke fogs the vision
blur like censored porn
there's no point hiding
go out and about
around and uncertain
the egg hatches no chicks
just more and more questions
not puzzles, not mazes
but answers without process
like not understanding
against will and versus the deal
trying too much will hurt
but i went and gone green
but the green says stop
...i said red.
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Molotow 'One 4 All' Markers at DND


Testing, testing Molotow 'One 4 All' markers. Yes, the ink's thick and it flows very smooth. So why don't cha get some molotow markers. Available now at Drips N Drops. Check the website below. Cheers!

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S.E.A.M.S. : The Full Wall

L to R : Alsquad - Shake - Gth - Cable - Stereo/Astronautboys - Syek - Demn - Cheztwo - Stupkid - Karpet - TellThem - Slak1 - Kum - Racht4 - Bedlam - (yang ini lupa... maap) - Olderplus - Sandman - Yellow Dino - AshD - Indy6 - S13 - NoAH - KinoTwo - NameX - Ahx - Themo - Sleeck - Ngaco - (yang ini juga lupa... maap lagi) - Tank - Scrap

photos by Eric/Noah
(click picture for full size)
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