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stereoflow.org is a personal blog documenting the artworks of Spydee Stereoflow. Spydee was a former rapper and hip-hop music producer. He started recording in the studios in 2002 for his album entitled 'Stereoflow'. At that time, Stereoflow was just an album name. Somehow in his process as an artist, his visual arts became his focus and made Stereoflow his street name dedicating it to the unfinished album. Eventually in 2010, Spydee released his debut album entitled 'The Quests to Stereoflow' and still produces music until today.

Stereoflow is a renowned street artist from Bandung, Indonesia. "I have never stopped drawing since the first time I picked up a pencil" he says. His interest in graffiti started in primary school influenced by the Hip-hop culture and started to paint walls in '97. But it wasn’t until 2002, he chose to focus on street-art with graffiti crew Tagteam. Not long afterwards in 2005, he formed FAB Family. He says "For me, graffiti is a part of my process of my identity. Basically my pieces are just straight lines and simple rectangular shapes which I combine into anything I can think of. I call it choosing and limiting myself from possibilities and desires. I think art is not the image you see on a canvas or a wall, but rather, art is the process and the way you live it". Stereflow is full of recognizable characters. One of his infamous characters he named Edor is a purple walrus. But he also draws people because as he says: "There's always something beautiful about the people I see everyday".-Shai Dahan, 2010
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