Spydee - Love Jones

 photo lovejones_zps728deea2.jpg
Produced by Spydee for Funkbox 2013. Contains sample from "Love Jones" Performed by Brighter Side Of Darkness.

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Funkbox NYE Party

 photo Photo27-12-13061328PM_zps98fcf5a7.jpg
We're serving you hip-hop, soul, funk and boogie beats to dance to. So celebrate your NYE with us, the FLYK clique!
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Happy Holidays

 photo Photo25-12-13065255AM_zps1ebb9c44.jpg
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Street Dealin 5

 photo sd5_zpsd671917a.jpg
21 Desember 2013
15 00 – 22 00 WIB
Jl Rc Veteran Raya No 13
G.H. ROPIAH/route 66
Tanah Kusir - Jakarta selatan

Street Dealin hadir lagi. Bazaar street art tahunan Gardu House ini bakal kembali digelar untuk ke 5 kalinya di Gardu House, tanggal 21 desember 2013. Maka bersiaplah kalian berburu artwork,merchandise,apparel dan aksesoris dari street artis dan clothingline lokal kesayangan dibulan Ramadhan. Di Street Dealin5 kali ini bakal ada limited merch, giveaway Jadi pastikan bawa uang ekstra, teman dan hadir lebih awal biar gak keabisan. See you there guys!

DSK (Surabaya)
KATUN (Malaisia)
PINO (Surabaya)

Yacko | Begundal Clan | Sattle | Streetainer | Angkatan Udara

BAZAAR & GARAGE SALE (Merchandise, artwork, etc)
Garduhouse | Dripsndrops | FLYK | MDFK | DSKL | TOTY | Darbotz | Penny | Wagadiwa | Wall Trips and Dirty Hands | Flame | VSOA | Hey Hello | Tembokbomber | Esnyotigo | SYMA | Snapgoback | Honesty ID | Streetsandwich

Garduhouse | Penny | Flash COM | Carburator Springs | Squad Store | Dripsndrops | Anonymouse Store | Tagking Store

Visual Jalanan
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Tastemarket: Stage

 photo TM_stage_zps0e3cf4bc.jpg
Painting the backdrop for Tastemarket's stage.

 photo TM_stageright_zpsfa9e33d5.jpg
 photo TM_stageleft_zpsd0d273ad.jpg
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Tastemarket: Entrance Gate

 photo TM_gate_zpsb9b03fda.jpg
The gate was designed by Gita Saraswatie. She also did the cool installations. Me and Shake just added our pieces at the sides. Thanks to the nice people at Tastemarket!

 photo TM_gatestereoflow_zpsb415dc6e.jpg
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 photo tastemarket_art_zps64b4bc1c.jpg

Taste Market
6-8 December 2013
at Paris Van Java Rooftop

Live Painting
Friday: Addy Debil (6pm)
Saturday: Elmondo (4pm), Diela Maharanie (6:30pm),
Sunday: Astronautboys (4pm)

Art Exhibition*
ADD17, Addy Debil, Aditya Pratama, Ario Anindito, Astronautboys, Diela Maharanie, Elmondo, Katherine Karnadi, KOMA (INDO), Lykerex, Mufti Priyanka, Novia Achmadi, Ranny Bocil, Rukmunal Hakim, Stereoflow

Sometimes we are unaware that our surroundings have a great influence in our lives. It can be the people around us such as friends or the music that we listen to, or simply the things that we browse on our computer. As things happen in front of our eyes, we judge those things and have certain feelings towards them. We choose what to accept and reject. It creates taste. For example, we often see a group of friends dress alike. It's simply because they influence one another and have similar taste. That is why similarity is often seen.

Although artists, illustrators and designers have different jobs, they all create visual works. And when searching for ideas and inspiration, it all comes to their taste. The selected visual artists that will be showing their works at Taste Market are also based on my personal taste.

*The art exhibition will be an exhibition of art prints.

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Khlong San Vice Squad

 photo KhlongSanViceSquad_zps3ce8d8f2.jpg
Pop up art show curated by The SRK at The Free Creative Project. Starts 16th Nov until 14th Dec 2013. So do come by if you are in the area. Big ups to The SRK team for selling my work there!

 photo KhlongSanViceSquad_SOLD_zpsd6915a31.jpg
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Jogja Jam

 photo YogyakartaJam_00_zps418467c6.jpg
A lovely painting session at Yogyakarta with the Yogyakarta bad boys Tuyuloveme, Muck, Daskee, Oaker, Nick. Big thanks to Graffishop YK. See you all next time!

 photo YogyakartaJam_zps7844c047.jpg
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Tag Team

 photo withshake02_zps41bf9c7d.jpg
Over a decade being friends and even crew mates before FAB Family, finally it was the peaceful city of Yogyakarta that made me and Shake collaborating a wall together.

 photo withshake_01_zpsd138b014.jpg
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Behind Boxes

 photo behindboxes_zps16101f49.jpg
at Yogyakarta.
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Framing Ourselves

 photo isadfest2013_00_zps963b6fbb.jpg
Wheatpaste and painting installation for Tembokbomber Special Presentation at ISAD Festival 2013.

 photo isadfest2013_tbdc_zps5f9496b8.jpg
For more photos of ISAD Festival 2013, go visit isad.or.id and tembokbomber.com. Thanks to Dripsndrops for the support!
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Spydee - Thinking About You

 photo artworks-000062737608-4mdvob-t500x500_zps3fd86f33.jpg
Produced by Spydee for Funkbox 2013. Contains sample from "Natural High" Performed by Bloodstone.

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ISAD Festival 2013

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
at Rumah Bintang
Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu No. 33
Jakarta Selatan

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 / 19.00

Opening remarks by:
Danuri a.k.a Pak Nur 

Music Performances by:
DJ BOLS Q, Kojek, Racun Kota, Danger Dope 

Live Painting by:
Artcoholic & Street Art Communities 

Exhibition by:
Community Exhibition from Aceh, Jakarta, Kendal, Kudus, Kuningan, Magelang, Medan, Pekalongan, Semarang, Solo, Tanggerang, Wonosobo.

Special Presentation by:
Tembok Bomber

Public Program:
Sunday, November 24th, 2013 / 12.00 - 20.00

Video Screening & Discussion by:
INA Walls

Blackbook Indonesian Hip-hop Documentary Movie Screening by:

Community Gathering & Presentation

Indonesian Street Art Awards

Sunday, December 1st, 2013 / 12.00 - 22:00 

Community Bazaar

Sketch / Graffiti Workshop by:
CK Graffiti Forum

Music Performances by:
Indobeatbox, Yacko , Jhonsound & Night Club, DJ Gantung, Delay Tribe 

P: Andi RHARHARHA / 08174884833
E: indonesianstreetartdatabase@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/indonesianstreetartdatabase 
T: @I_S_A_D
IG: @I_S_A_D

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Free Fall

 photo 68208139-CCF9-413E-A587-CA661AA26B20-3765-0000058C9FE1D9B4_zpsb159e0b9.jpg
A casual Sunday painting.
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Erykah Badu - On And On (Spydee Remix)

 photo DADDEA78-345D-45B0-ACD0-530FF77B0E17-3188-000004DFECA7544B_zpsa86b1b6b.jpg
Another remix and another portrait drawing. The original version of On and On is indeed one of my favorite songs. So enjoy my version of it!

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Southbank Rules

 photo 711032DB-C585-4BC8-9AFF-CBF727D432BB-3188-000004D17BC76C8F_zps6cfb340c.jpg
Commission work with Shake. Painting the rules of Southbank Gastrobar. A cool bar indeed if you're into the liquor. Also a good friend of mine, DJ E-One is a the resident deejay their. So swing by, it's located at Jalan Aceh #91, Bandung.

 photo 4B700F87-77F3-485A-AA57-BD8C3B4EABE1-3188-000004D162E55C89_zps8a7ecc49.jpg
 photo 2E7E76A4-3AE4-4F55-BDFE-AABF1F32D593-3188-000004D44343D15B_zps0890265c.jpg
 photo 82750B1A-2ED0-4758-8BBB-E33E3350D947-3188-000004D1743EC1E7_zps25ad5cb6.jpg
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 photo Patt1_zps019cc165.jpg
I've always had this thought that my method in creating my visual works are just the same as how I create my music. So here is my attempt in trying to explain that basic thought.

A hip-hop producer makes their beats usually by cutting short parts of a song. Those cuts are called samples. Then the samples are then combined with other samples such as drum loops, bass lines, piano melodies or just about any sound that they think sounds good to them, creating a loop of a couple of bars then looping it into a whole song. Modern hip-hop producers also compose their own beats, rhythms and melodies. But basically have the same methods in producing a song. Which is creating that loop of a four to eight bars that sounds just right to the ears and not getting bored of it after it loops over and over.

This artwork interprets the the technical process of how a I make my music. Composing shapes into loops then combining them into one whole artwork.
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Happy Halloween

 photo 7E4E1733-C834-482A-A616-85A5456A801E-764-0000009FBE45B171_zps4f1fad12.jpg
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Erykah Badu - Southern Girl (Spydee Remix)

 photo 6260FCBC-CC86-4F00-8B2E-847C9032AE37-1324-0000016FD8E9AF34_zps3d6c843b.jpg

I found an acapella version of Southern Girl by my favorite singer of all time Erykah Badu a couple of days ago. So I couldn't resist making music for her smooth vocal. I also did a portrait drawing for the album art which I must say isn't my drawing style. But sometimes I like to do these kind of drawings for exercise. Which I think is necessary for an artist to do. Enjoy the track.

"'don't know about the internet, 'don't know about the radio,
'don't know about the television, all I know is 'bout my flow"
- Erykah Badu

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Daily Drawing: October '13

 photo 709AD73E-E25E-45B1-87A1-4F8652E56C9C-1324-0000016F8D68AC60_zps19a20a87.jpg
 photo oct2813_zps78f1c559.jpg
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Mixcloud: First Attempt

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The Blue Album

 photo SF_Weezer_zpse2d6f176.jpg
An illustration of Weezer's "The Blue Album" album art for The Almightees which is a Jakarta based clothing brand. Here's how the process went.

 photo weezer_bluealbum_zps5e5db3eb.jpg
 photo SF_Weezer_01_zps82c3469d.jpg
 photo SF_Weezer_02_zps92e2ca01.jpg
 photo SF_Weezer_03_zps2f87a429.jpg
Do visit thealmightees.com to purchase the T-shirt.
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Crack Rock

 photo 57DCEFA9-0A70-49E6-8643-1C74B45E9A98-1268-000001845C51AE7F_zpsc48feb5f.jpg
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Feather Flight

 photo Feather-Flight_zpsa75ce038.jpg
Feather Flight
Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint on Canvas
140cm x 80cm

 photo FeatherFlight_01_zpsee26bc34.jpg
 photo FeatherFlight_02_zpsc2999f8e.jpg
 photo FeatherFlight_03_zpsc7092837.jpg
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Run Run Run

 photo Run-Run-Run_zps852e2009.jpg
Run Run Run
Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint on Canvas
140cm x 80cm

 photo RunRunRun_01_zps3f123ffe.jpg
 photo RunRunRun_03_zps986ac9d4.jpg
 photo RunRunRun_02_zps89969a27.jpg
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 photo The-Floater_zps99045ebc.jpg
Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint on Canvas
140cm x 80cm

 photo Floater_01_zps205aea66.jpg
 photo Floater_03_zps0c89bee2.jpg
 photo Floater_02_zps0eb6ff81.jpg
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