The Untold Glory

cold coffee
still bitter, still sweet
still silence
under the blanket of the street
pushed away by blinking eyes
with full stories and lies
merging burning images
into a pile of old files
getting stored away
off to the deep galaxy
darker than grey
further than enemy
and when the beat starts to play
the singer will sing
with the light watching down
and birds spreading its wings
to travel and explore
to love and adore
the colors of foot steps
walking and wanting more
like electronics and fashion
like the smell of the sea
like unread messages
the untold glory
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Hobbies & Toys Fair 2009


Hobbies & Toys Fair 2009
19-21th June 2009 at BeMall LGF - Jl.Naripan 89 Bandung, Indonesia

Action Figures - Designer Toys - Model Kit - Train Model - Aero Model - Flight Sim - Tamiya - Comics - Manga - Anime - and many more...

Live Custom Toys by:
The Yellow Dino
Cikcuk Dunia Fantasi
Recycle Experience


This is just a temporary pic. I'll post some more as soon as i get the pics off Shake.
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Edor "Prisma Color"

Markers on A4 Paper
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Rock a Beer Baby

rock a beer baby,
on the tree top.
if the tree flops,
it means the beer rocks!

Markers on Paper, Digital Coloring | 2006
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Foggy Glasses

understanding random movements
of high heels on foot paths
making faster pace and silent runs
without shoe laces tying up the feet
it's loose like having to choose
and search like google
without no keyword i shut down
lights are screaming like cut down trees
before reaching the final countdown
it hits like Tyson in round two
i see in doubles
foggy glasses
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Markers Making a Mark

It's my first time using these kind of markers. Borrowed it off a friend of mine. And I gotta tell you that it made me yell out "I gotta get me one of these!". The markers are called prisma colors F.I.Y.

Hey! | Markers on Paper

Going Where The Flow Points | Markers on Paper
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Shining Like Polished Boots

thinking free wasn't acting free
another season of politics
trying to view the other side
but unable to blend
the colors were too strong
and time is playing on big screens
crossing bridges over the rolling dice
and bubbles will pop
in thin air it will disappear
unnoticed but well known
inside memories of a growing plant
shining like polished boots
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ZNC x PB goes to Bandung


ZincNite Crew and Project Burnerz are graffiti crews from Singapore. They'll be coming to town this July and they'll be doin some walls with Bandung writers.
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Head Press-Sure

Markers on A4 Paper
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Pos Polisi

I was working on a production (that I'll post A.S.A.P.) with FAB Family and friends, and not so far from the location was an ugly lookin' police post (without the police in it of course) just looking so awful. So i figured that it needed a little something purple. So there it was, a ten minute meet with Edor at a police post. Good luck Edor. I hope the police likes you! lol.
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Put Edor in Your Head

It's been a really long time since I've done photos. The last one that I could remember was like in 4th grade which was Michael Jackson, lol. But this drawing is a photo of a friend of mine and I just loved the energy and excitement in it. So I drew her. Cheers!
Pencil on A4 Paper

Digital Coloring
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