none like no other
because many has numbers
but i am one
so none is one
became two was too mixed up
and three will always be
four like seasons
and five like stars
i shine one
i shine none
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3 Stripes Original

FAB Family: 3 Stripes Original

The theme was adidas. And this is what I came up with… A grey -blue nosed- Edor. All FAB Family members except Tzar sprayed their styles for this prodo. Shake’s wild and always clean style; Cheztwo’s trademark; Indysix’s new expresive style; Skid’s Ali photo realist; My (Stereo) grey -blue nosed- Edor; Racht4’s no outline style; Pope’s detailed character; and Older+’s Kampret wearing an adidas hoodie. The whole production took a whole week -including rain, chit chating, boy talk, picture taking, watermelon eating, umbrella flying, watching the eclipse, and waiting for the rain again-.








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unstable and ready to fall
but the roots are too deep
back to where i was tomorrow
like waiting for the fruits to grow
in bright colors they give hope
yet insects eat up
hunger to exist
like daily newspapers
connecting separated pages
into columns under photographs
flags blown by the wind
spelling each name loudly
with rolling drums and butterflies
and a premier of a new movie
watch as red lights turn green
but in between... it's yellow
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It Pressed Pause, Then It Pressed Play Again

in front of me
it wasn't a straight line
but straight enough to bend
sitting across the universe
through clouds of smoke and empty cups
between the flash lights and pillars
over the ticking clock and baseball hats
under the table and wet sandals
it pressed pause
while telling a wild story
making me listen closely
monologue went dialogue
story went conversation
signs and bright signals
fountains and fire works
then it pressed play again
needed a replay
but i quickly unplugged
because it was in front of me
too many in between
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Oro x FAB

A night with Shake and Racht4 at Oro. Too bad it was only the three of us. But I couldn’t imagine if all nine of us rumbled that poor tiny wall. Thanks to Harry (of Oro) for staying up with us and letting us put some colors on your wall. And most of all… Thanks for the goodies!

Shake, Stereo, Racht4 | Jl. Trunojoyo, Bandung
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In My Unsorted Head

journey of a journal
when eternity isn't eternal
like warn out dancing shoes
and switching songs like weather change
never sure but never a mistake
picking up the leaves that fall to the ground
even when autumn is purple
go where ever the water flows
and glow in a summer noon
hot and sticky like no AC
sweating without sports
getting wet without rain
one leg is still inside a flower pot
unable to fly with the wind
but never stuck like stamps
but luckily like luke, i wear a hat
and stand on a mat welcoming all strangers
and dangerous like minds of brilliants
writing future without no plan
just two hands holding a hot mug
in a playground of grown up children
singing to a happy song
filling colors inside the lines
and keeping coins inside a tin can
banging on the doors
and sliding them open as if they were sand
and soil put together because they were different
but the same to some
just need an eye like a mirror
to see my self arrive
from space in my unsorted head
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I Stay Still

tree sticks fall to the ground
red bricks outdated by time
by rhyme, it feels good to the ear
not a coward, but feeling fear
you hear, you heard
thank you dear, fly like a bird
feeling the songs
the sound is bringing me on
out of a black out
out of my black night
into the woods and meet wolves singing too in good notes
into the sea and let waves crash into my small boat
it's not bad, it's not sad
strangers call me lad
like pirates and vikings
you'll like it, you'll see kings
adventurous like classic movies
i stay still, nothing can move me
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