Tembokbomber's Best of the Best Awards 2009


Tembokbomber's "Best-of-the-Best" Awards 2009. So vote for your favorites according to each category.

-BEST WALL (Best production)

-BEST STYLE (Best letter-based piece)

-BEST CHARACTER (Best character)

-BEST THROWIE (Best throw-up)


-BEST BLOCKBUSTER (Best massive letter block)

-BEST STENCIL (Best stencil art)

-DETAIL-GURU (Best detail)

-WHEATPASTER (Best wheatpaste)

-BEST CANVAS (Best canvas art)

-BEST DIGITAL (Best design using computer)

-BEST VIDEO (Best editing)

-KING OF THREAD (Best thread)

-EVENT OF THE YEAR (Best event in this year)

-BEST HEAVEN SPOT (Best painting spot)

-BEST PHOTO (Crazy graffiti photo)

-SICKEST GROUP (Best crew/clique/family/gang whatever)

-BEST STREET RAT (Best person who rock street-art)

-PAINT PIMP (Best bodypainter)

-PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 (Best bomber decided by throw-ups + tags+ any other destruction)

-ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (Best newcomer)

-MOST INFLUENCE (The freshes writer)

-BEST OF NOTHING (Best trash talker)

Visit tembokbomber.com
or go straight to voting thread
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Quick Sketch from Ifdar

Here's a portrait of me that Ifdar drew. Don't you just love his sketches? This sketch is drawn while I was painting Edor at Galeri Nasional a few days ago. Thanks bro!

Check out Ifdar's blog: www.ifdar.co.nr
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Edor: In Two Halves

A painting session at Galeri Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia) with RCF1 (France) and a whole bunch other of incredible street artists such as Ashtwo, Brotz, Flat, Gth, Hard13, Ifdar, Guntur, Koma, Komodo, Miel88, Morden, Nsane5, Popo, Rhein13, Shake, Toto, Zaki and myself(Stereoflow). Each artists had a chance to do their art on a 2m x 1m canvas which was crazy because it was indoors but luckily we were given maskers. This event is supported by Centre Culturel Francais and FlatStreet.


Thanks to Wadezig!
Visit Koma Indo's blog for more pics on the event
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Hanya Merah Muda, Bukan Pink

Berlebihan seperti gosip
Kekurangan seperti berita
Prioritas yang dangkal
Dan selera hanya sebatas merek terkenal
Seperti sepatu lucu di majalah remaja
Gigitan buah apel tanpa meresap kandungan
Mendengar karena masuk playlist radio
Ceklist di sepatu lalu mereka bisa jalan
Dan kehilangan arah seperti gerakan indie saat ini
Hanya direncanakan untuk sesaat
Hanya merah muda, bukan pink
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Until I'm Empty

Dull and pale
No weight on the scale
Unbalanced, I fall like autumn
But gravity won't touch me
I hover to space wearing no boots
Like trees with no roots
With a chorus of grass
I look at the see through glass
While pouring many words
But there's no cup to fill
No bull's eye to throw darts
I wait for my bullets to run out
Until I'm empty
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RCF1 (France) comes to Indonesia


Jan 25 : Introduction & Discussion with RCF1 and Indonesian Street Artists at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta.
Jan 26 - 27 : Live Painting at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta.
Jan 28 : RCF1 Demo at IKJ, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.

Featured Artists :
Ashtwo, Brotz, Flat, Gth, Hard13, Ifdar, Guntur, Koma, Komodo, Miel88, Morden, Nsane5, Popo, Rhein13, Shake, Stereoflow, Toto, Zaki

Supported by FlatStreet
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Sugarahh's Debut Album

Finally, Sugarahh has released his first solo album called Abdi Dinamic last month. This former member of BDG Click has been working on the album for the past year and I've been helping him produce some of the tracks for him. 9 new tracks, 5 remixes and 1 instrumental song -taken from my instrumental album 'Process (An Instrumental Journey)'- which i think should be enough to start 2010 with a blast! Besides the sounds, I also contributed a character that you can see on the CD and all the other fantastic visual designing is done by FAB Family's very own Indysixty.


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Earthquakes and Wonders

like cables, i get into knots
like machines, i overheat
try to sew patches on my trousers
but the road is rough
ripped jeans and wet jackets
but it's not raining season
not even hunting season
and there aren't any bullets
there isn't anything
empty like a hollow log
hide inside it
or should i call it shelter?
i'm not a snail with a shell
not even an oyster with a pearl
but it's all happening
like earthquakes and wonders
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2010 NYE Decoration

A decoration for a new years party at my friends house with some good old campus friends. Had a great time decorating the house with some colorful balloons and cheerful ribbons. It turned out to be great party after all. Happy new years everyone!

Mix Media on Cardboard

Mix Media on Cardboard
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