Spydee: Instrumental Journey Pt. 3

 photo artworks-000056272444-tn5es6-t500x500_zps3500ff63.jpg

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Anna's New Sweatshirt

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Push To The Limit: Recap

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Congratulations to all the winners! I had a pleasant time judging the competition and doing the live painting. Thank you for all the participants and the students at ITENAS, Bandung. Big thanks to Aldone!

 photo 7A1952A4-2974-4A26-9DF9-9CA4992FA563-1084-000000E0E3CFDE1E_zpsdab62875.jpg
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Fragments Of Time

 photo 7377A5EA-8E5C-49D5-B501-6471EB348B01-1084-000000DC2B2E080B_zps7f1be33f.jpg
When memories go further than just past events. It creates feelings and sometimes a certain smell. A casual afternoon painting at an abandoned building.

 photo 4CE2E87D-7AA1-4BF9-9C83-B240A887E790-1084-000000DC38C0A32E_zps91564c94.jpg
 photo 332609C6-1707-4EDB-8831-8F08FD3CE161-1084-000000DC3199DC19_zps928db0dd.jpg
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A Tommy Eye

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Daily Drawing: September '13

 photo 3AD77592-2B15-49BF-A8DE-12224B5BF4F5-1577-000000F5F0DBFEB0_zps8ba24443.jpg
 photo 12908771-1174-4592-93C0-0C8DA411F018-1577-000000F5DC61935C_zps2e712204.jpg
 photo AF7ACDC5-5BDA-4A10-8688-1BBDA33FB4F7-1577-000000F5EC84AC50_zps7be37cca.jpg
 photo 973230D8-7BE8-4ADC-9E80-2504CBD6F348-1577-000000F5E66A9B46_zps09ec673e.jpg
 photo 7542588F-10C4-46F0-953D-5680A97F037B-1577-000000F5CFAAB3BC_zps943475de.jpg
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Locafore 2013

 photo C7CFAC3B-9882-4E4B-807D-7189DBA08F73-6552-000004261DFC885E_zps1157277f.jpg
I will be exhibiting some of my newest works for a yearly festival, Locafore. Here's a sneak peek:

 photo ECB7057C-DAE6-49F6-AC18-39383FD7674C-6552-00000426C2DEBC9A_zpsf6ac178a.jpg
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Push To The Limit: Mural/Graffiti Competition

 photo E18F1B8B-32DF-490E-9B74-F6BD18380F89-6552-00000422322AB1A4_zpse98f49e5.jpg
Registration: 150K
Contact Person: 0878-2323-4645

Registration opens until September 16th.
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Funkbox 1.76

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I will pressing some drumpads and playing the mini keyboards with FLYK and the Funkbox clique. Come join us and enjoy your lazy Sunday. Here's the teaser video by LeBoob from FLYK.

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