Assembly Lines: 2015

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See you next year.
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Crate Digging

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Congrats to Bandung's soccer team PERSIB for winning 2014 Indonesia Super League!
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The Wedgie Fix

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Yellow Fellows

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Tommy Boy

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Snap With The Funk

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Have A Beer

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Luck Of Lucien

 photo LuckOfLucien_zps975a6f54.jpg
Luck Of Lucien
Spray paint, acrylic on canvas
(100cm x 100cm)

Inspired by a song by A Tribe Called Quest of the same title. Lucien, an outsider starting to find ways to work and live in a new city.

*Exhibited at The 5th ICAD
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The 5th ICAD: Looping Life

 photo LL_01_zps4c50a262.jpg
The idea comes from the pattern repetition (loop) of Hip-hop music where at a specific part of the song is repeated and turn into a new song. He uses a number of paintings on the wall in a certain pattern; a repetitive pattern. This pattern can be interpreted as a life routine of a person who formed a repetitive pattern by itself. People mobility issue in a hotel can also be seen as a 'loop'. Starts from check-in, sleep, breakfast, and check-out of the hotel. This repetition always happens in our lives, but people are not aware of this. Its presence comes unawared because people tend to see only the big picture. As for song; we listen to a lot of songs, but we do not pay attention to its repetition.

 photo LL_00_zps3b25b2c6.jpg
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The 5th Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design

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Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) is the first exhibition that initiated the collaboration of design, art, technology, entertainment, and hospitality industry; involving interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, scenographers, painters, sculptors and film maker.

ICAD is held annually exploring the richness of Indonesia local wisdom in a contemporary way. Each year, the exhibition lasts for 6 weeks with various program activity mainly related with design and art. ICAD always introduces inspirational people with their brilliant and inspirational works to be shared and to be experienced by the public.

The exhibition includes design and art installation, convention, workshop and film festival.

Design and art is a reflection of life. It is an expression, communication of emotion or other qualities to engage an individual’s aesthetic sensibilities. It stimulates individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs or ideas through senses. Human being is able to explore the sensation of design and art through five senses… and also another one, mind sense. The mind denotes an internal sense organ which interact with sense object that include sense impressions, feelings, perceptions and volitions. All these six senses are called ayatana.

‘ayatana’ is an ancient Sanskrit word means “sense base” or “sense sphere”, expressing the essence of sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch hand feeling from the heart – all of which can be experienced in the 5th ICAD. We are taking you to experience design and art in ICAD using your ayatana.
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Indonesia's New President

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Congrats Jokowi!
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New Icon: Pop in Asia (In A Relationship)

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My artwork for "New Icon: Pop In Asia" exhibition is called "In A Relationship". It shows a boy and girl holding hands, determined not to let physical distance get in their way. It symbolizes the relations of Asian countries that remain close, though they are separated by vast seas and distances. The colorful patterns allude to Asean’s diversity.

 photo pia_papers_zpse81ea5db.jpg
 photo pia_02_zpsb037c770.jpg
 photo pia_04_zpsdeee88c6.jpg
I had a great time meeting with all the artists and making new friends.
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New Icon: Pop In Asia

 photo E-flyer-Poster-NewIconPopinAsia-2_zps6f66b9a1.jpg
Lee Hyun-jin, Lee Wan (South Korea), Serrum, Stereoflow (Indonesia), ISE (Malaysia), PHUNK Studio (Singapore), Yuree Kensaku and Maythee Noijinda (Thailand), Sam Siren (Brunei Darussalam), Sokuntevy Oeur (Cambodia), Olé Viravong Scovill (Lao PDR), Arker Kyaw (Myanmar), Thomas D. Daquioag (Philippines ), Ngoc Vo (Vietnam)

Jeong-ok Jeon

Friday, August 15, 2014, 05:30 PM

August 16-September 07, 2014
at Galeri Salihara
Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12520

Popular (or Pop) Culture, is no longer something to look down upon. Today, pop culture has not only expanded, it has elevated itself. Through mass media it has become part of our daily life, examined seriously by academicians. Meanwhile, contemporary artists—in this case, visual artists—voraciously consume and present them in their works. Included amongst these artists are contemporary artists from Asian countries.

The exhibition New Icon: Pop in Asia will present works by Asian artists inspired and influenced by pop culture. The artists combine images and mass media mechanisms, and transform them into various styles. The exhibition does not only explore the differences in each artist’s sensibilities and styles, but is also aimed to increase the connection and mutual collaboration amongst them.

In cooperation with Komunitas Salihara, ARCOLABS (Center for Art and Community Management), Surya University, Tangerang, organizes this exhibition as the first of their international exchange program. ARCOLABS also works together with the Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-the Republic of Korea dialogue relations.
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Spydee: Ceria Seperti Chaseiro

 photo ceria_zpsb3f829ea.jpg

Produced by Spydee for Funkbox 2014. Contains sample from "Ceria". Performed by Chaseiro.
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Clap to the Beat

 photo 10441298_10152124946142130_2939449647430289325_n_zps15ef02e6.jpg
Clap to the Beat
Acrylic paint, spray paint on canvas
(60cm x 60cm)

 photo CTTB_zpsf6038903.jpg
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Visual Jalanan Interview

 photo ae09f9c0-3b08-4794-beb2-042def93e78e_zps27ee1c36.png
I was interviewed for Visual Jalanan which is a blog that captures just about everything happening in the streets including street art and artists. Here is their video on the interview they had with me.

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Mixcloud: The Soul Motel (Private Room)

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Manifesto No.4: Input to Output

 photo 5d45e9af-b2bf-4597-88af-8766479fd7d2_zpsee9d58d9.jpg
My installation art for Manifesto No.4 "Keseharian: Mencandra Tanda-tanda Masa" at Galeri Nasional Indonesia. I used daily objects that felt close to me representing my daily routine as my input. Then I hid them away by painting them over in white. This shows that the input has been processed. After that, I painted it over again showing the output.

 photo ITO_01_zpsd7710167.jpg
 photo ITO_02_zpsb5bbfd81.jpg
 photo ITO_03_zpse093fedc.jpg
 photo ITA_04_zps956482b7.jpg
 photo ITO_05_zps0df7a5c0.jpg
 photo ITO_06_zps52595e3e.jpg
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Start From Scratch

 photo StartFromScratch_Poster_zpse60a0345.jpg
I participated for Start From Scratch exhibition. An initiative by young individuals that have real passion in arts. They remind me of myself a few years ago where it was a real struggle to exhibit artworks in galleries. So making own artshows were the only option. Keep on struggling, kids. Show it to the world!

 photo Midnight-Vibes_zps12e7a441.jpg
Big shout out to Syahed for pulling such an awesome art performance at the show. Big ups!
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Canstop: Artwork

 photo Canstop_5_zps948bb89a.jpg
 photo Canstop_Artists_zps9aae1b67.jpg
 photo Canstop_1_zps933c79b3.jpg
 photo Canstop_2_zps174ae4fa.jpg
 photo Canstop_3_zps3b554550.jpg
 photo Canstop_4_zpse5a158e1.jpg
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 photo 1907633_661165340633777_2952085585220644599_n_zps2a977253.jpg
GARDU HOUSE presents: CANSTOP "Spray Cans Custom Exhibition"

158 selected artists will be exhibiting their creative art using spray cans as the media. There will be 158 selected coming from all over Indonesia and other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand and also United Kingdom. This exhibition will be up on display for two weeks at Gardu House.

Sat 24 May 2014
at Garduhouse Artspace
Jl Rc Veteran Raya no 13
Gang Hj Ropiah/Route 66
Tanah Kusir

Starts 7pm 'til drop

Cans Custom Perform: Elplastico

Live Painting: Ashtwo and F21ST

Ice Sculpture: Carving Nation

Live Music: Toxicologie

Live Perform: Vlado
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Manifesto No.4

 photo Manifesto_No4_zps053db691.jpg
Pameran Besar Seni Rupa MANIFESTO No.4 : Keseharian
"Mencandra Tanda-tanda Masa"

Selasa, 20 Mei 2014
Pukul 19.30 WIB
Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No.14 , Jakarta Pusat

Dikuratori oleh :
Jim Supangkat
Rizki Ahmad Zaelani
Andryanti Rikrik Kusmaea
Asikin Hasan

Pameran dibuka oleh :
Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. KH. Mohammad Nuh, DEA

Pameran dibuka untuk umum :
20 Mei - 7 Juni 2014
Pukul 10.00 - 19.00
Gedung A, B, dan C Galeri Nasional Indonesia
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Spydee - The Candra Groove

 photo TheCandraGroove_zpsf6daad48.jpg

Produced by Spydee for Funkbox 2014. Contains sample from "Kau". Performed by Candra Darusman.
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Spydee - Ooh Vina

 photo OohVina_zps37baa73b.jpg

Produced by Spydee for Funkbox 2014. Contains sample from "Biru". Performed by Vina Panduwinata.
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Digital Funk

 photo seeingthroughpatterns_zpsd62fb283.jpg
Seeing Through The Pattern

 photo jitaast_zps1df51f6d.jpg
Jump In The Air And Stay There

 photo guardning_zps24d2d471.jpg

 photo feelthefunk_zpsce1b70d4.jpg
Feel The Funk

 photo digitalflower_zps81017c93.jpg
Digital Flower
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Traveling To Here

 photo travelingtohere_zps825f6ae5.jpg
Traveling To Here
Acrylic paint, spray paint on canvas
140cm x 200cm

*exhibited for ARTE 2014
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Off The Top Of The Head

 photo offthetopofthehead_zps41e0a56a.jpg
Off The Top Of The Head
Acrylic paint, spray paint on canvas
140cm x 200cm

*exhibited for ARTE 2014
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Acommerce Singapore

 photo acom00_zps92b82698.jpg
Commission work for Acommerce office in Singapore. Thanks to the all the nice people at Acommerce for taking care of me during my stay. I had a really pleasant time there.

 photo acom02_zps48e4e5ff.jpg
 photo acom01_zps9a18ffbd.jpg
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