In My Unsorted Head

journey of a journal
when eternity isn't eternal
like warn out dancing shoes
and switching songs like weather change
never sure but never a mistake
picking up the leaves that fall to the ground
even when autumn is purple
go where ever the water flows
and glow in a summer noon
hot and sticky like no AC
sweating without sports
getting wet without rain
one leg is still inside a flower pot
unable to fly with the wind
but never stuck like stamps
but luckily like luke, i wear a hat
and stand on a mat welcoming all strangers
and dangerous like minds of brilliants
writing future without no plan
just two hands holding a hot mug
in a playground of grown up children
singing to a happy song
filling colors inside the lines
and keeping coins inside a tin can
banging on the doors
and sliding them open as if they were sand
and soil put together because they were different
but the same to some
just need an eye like a mirror
to see my self arrive
from space in my unsorted head


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