Tembokbomber's Best of the Best Awards 2009


Tembokbomber's "Best-of-the-Best" Awards 2009. So vote for your favorites according to each category.

-BEST WALL (Best production)

-BEST STYLE (Best letter-based piece)

-BEST CHARACTER (Best character)

-BEST THROWIE (Best throw-up)


-BEST BLOCKBUSTER (Best massive letter block)

-BEST STENCIL (Best stencil art)

-DETAIL-GURU (Best detail)

-WHEATPASTER (Best wheatpaste)

-BEST CANVAS (Best canvas art)

-BEST DIGITAL (Best design using computer)

-BEST VIDEO (Best editing)

-KING OF THREAD (Best thread)

-EVENT OF THE YEAR (Best event in this year)

-BEST HEAVEN SPOT (Best painting spot)

-BEST PHOTO (Crazy graffiti photo)

-SICKEST GROUP (Best crew/clique/family/gang whatever)

-BEST STREET RAT (Best person who rock street-art)

-PAINT PIMP (Best bodypainter)

-PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 (Best bomber decided by throw-ups + tags+ any other destruction)

-ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (Best newcomer)

-MOST INFLUENCE (The freshes writer)

-BEST OF NOTHING (Best trash talker)

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