Don't Think. It's Street Art


We had late lunch at a cheap restaurant having a daily chat about what's going on in our daily lives while drawing on our daily sketchbooks. The chat excites when we examine on how we work on the streets and trying to find new media and new ways to put up our work and be more efficient. It's always how we work that makes it more interesting rather than what our works are. we paint the streets only because nothing feels more better and even expensive paint and canvas can't replace the feeling.

It's dangerously fun and full of responsibility and there's like a million things to be prepared before hitting the streets and a million things to be prepared of too. Like other peoples perceptions that we can't control and we're not trying to control them either. But it's simple like a kid who wants a new toy. We just wanna play around because we see the streets as a boring place and we see them asking for some fun. We're not asking for you to like us or hate us. So we're gonna make it simple. DON'T THINK. IT'S STREET ART

The conversation continues with a question. "Why are we still doing this?"

With all the risks that could occur, while other people are soundly asleep in their homes, we force ourselves to stay awake in the cold night weather preparing our supplies and strategic plans ready to make our move. Every time we find an answer, newer questions start to pop up. Answering questions aren't as easy as asking questions. Of course we can't exactly answer all the questions. It only turns out that there are only ways in finding answers. There are many reasonable answers why we're still doing this. But all we do is just tighten up our shoes and run with time.

Streets. We interact in this very complex area everyday. We walk in it, run through it, sometimes cursing harsh words to it. It's dirty, dusty and decorated with giant sized billboards, advertising posters and even service offerings that include their bold font typed phone numbers. We also see traffic signs being ignored and sometimes even neglected. We can't choose what we see. It's all there in front of us mixed with our routines and moments of every path we've been through becoming an integral part of our lives.

Street art is not just a matter of being legal or illegal. Nor classification of the media that supports it. Street art is a small corner between the super big daily routines. Street art is not just a thought. Street art is an act. So here we are giving more choices for everyone to see.

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