KEUKEN is a one-day food festival which addresses the issues of the utilizations of city public spaces through the wisdom of the street-inspired culture. KEUKEN is requestioning the role of the city and its honest correlation to the context of the everyday life. KEUKEN gives you a lookout, to see the urban environment amid the pressure of modernity, to experience its ambiguous passion, its function, its appeal, by way of celebrating the most exciting practice of everyday life, eating.

The synthesis of Built environment issues and the pleasure of eating that it calls --in the relative under developing circumstances—is apparently designed to construct an atmosphere of continual exploration, leisure, and stimulating ambience in searching of new values of the better urban living.

KEUKEN reveals the lost gap that lies between these two interesting by marrying the desire of a daily basis appetite and its spatial needs at the same time. KEUKEN roams the possible landscape and reclaims particular public domains. KEUKEN is a festive approach on how we could all win back the civic assets in the first place— from what is now illegitimately owned by certain individuals--, and somehow turns it into an urban kitchen, the space where all the sort of tasty spices from various handpicked emerging chefs and food restaurants all over the town gather round so that everyone can cheers, and value both the space/the spices.
KEUKEN is ecstatic to encourage you to get to the bottom of our everyday life challenges, and exploring both the critical notions and range of practices come from its nature.

KEUKEN #1: THE MAGNIFICENT COW BARN July 24th 2011. Cikapundung Timur Street, all day long. Reclaim your streets, and eat.
Stereoflow and Shake will also do a live painting at the venue. See u there. Cheers!

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