Rey Sin Una Corona: Recap

 photo RSUC_09_zpsb9ff8225.jpg
It was a crazy night for the opening exhibition of Rey Sin Una Corona at Garduhouse. The Night started with the live painting by FAB Family's newest member, Wormo. Then the crowd flooded in to see the artworks. Just like any other Garduhouse exhibitions, it was packed. Leboob, Ali Bomaye and Munireng kept on banging the night with some cool tunes making us hitting the dance floor. I personally had a wonderful night surrounded with great friends. I would like to thank everyone who came and giving us the support. Also a very special thanks to Garduhouse for making this exhibition possible.

 photo RSUC_03_zpsbb06172c.jpg
 photo RSUC_04_zpscc9fd4f6.jpg
 photo RSUC_05_zpsc7e189fe.jpg
 photo RSUC_07_zpsddf66260.jpg
 photo RSUC_06_zps79a244f8.jpg
 photo RSUC_11_zps08a14b69.jpg
 photo RSUC_12_zps57b2996d.jpg
 photo RSUC_11_zpsa05a9072.jpg
 photo RSUC_01_zpsbc8a269c.jpg
 photo RSUC_02_zps384a6ef7.jpg
 photo RSUC_10_zps667f419a.jpg
Photos taken from: Garduhouse and King Without A Crown
Video by Visual Jalanan


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