Erykah Badu - Southern Girl (Spydee Remix)

 photo 6260FCBC-CC86-4F00-8B2E-847C9032AE37-1324-0000016FD8E9AF34_zps3d6c843b.jpg

I found an acapella version of Southern Girl by my favorite singer of all time Erykah Badu a couple of days ago. So I couldn't resist making music for her smooth vocal. I also did a portrait drawing for the album art which I must say isn't my drawing style. But sometimes I like to do these kind of drawings for exercise. Which I think is necessary for an artist to do. Enjoy the track.

"'don't know about the internet, 'don't know about the radio,
'don't know about the television, all I know is 'bout my flow"
- Erykah Badu


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