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Taste Market
6-8 December 2013
at Paris Van Java Rooftop

Live Painting
Friday: Addy Debil (6pm)
Saturday: Elmondo (4pm), Diela Maharanie (6:30pm),
Sunday: Astronautboys (4pm)

Art Exhibition*
ADD17, Addy Debil, Aditya Pratama, Ario Anindito, Astronautboys, Diela Maharanie, Elmondo, Katherine Karnadi, KOMA (INDO), Lykerex, Mufti Priyanka, Novia Achmadi, Ranny Bocil, Rukmunal Hakim, Stereoflow

Sometimes we are unaware that our surroundings have a great influence in our lives. It can be the people around us such as friends or the music that we listen to, or simply the things that we browse on our computer. As things happen in front of our eyes, we judge those things and have certain feelings towards them. We choose what to accept and reject. It creates taste. For example, we often see a group of friends dress alike. It's simply because they influence one another and have similar taste. That is why similarity is often seen.

Although artists, illustrators and designers have different jobs, they all create visual works. And when searching for ideas and inspiration, it all comes to their taste. The selected visual artists that will be showing their works at Taste Market are also based on my personal taste.

*The art exhibition will be an exhibition of art prints.



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