The 5th ICAD: Looping Life

 photo LL_01_zps4c50a262.jpg
The idea comes from the pattern repetition (loop) of Hip-hop music where at a specific part of the song is repeated and turn into a new song. He uses a number of paintings on the wall in a certain pattern; a repetitive pattern. This pattern can be interpreted as a life routine of a person who formed a repetitive pattern by itself. People mobility issue in a hotel can also be seen as a 'loop'. Starts from check-in, sleep, breakfast, and check-out of the hotel. This repetition always happens in our lives, but people are not aware of this. Its presence comes unawared because people tend to see only the big picture. As for song; we listen to a lot of songs, but we do not pay attention to its repetition.

 photo LL_00_zps3b25b2c6.jpg


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