Beatscape: Sculptures and Installations

 photo B_SAI_zpstfmdfcmm.jpg
All sculptures are a collaborative work with wood crafter, Ramdhan Muhammad Clasic.

 photo TFG_01_zpsfbs98tvi.jpg
 photo TFG_03_zpsuukzslx8.jpg
 photo TFG_02_zpssesy9xvf.jpg
Tommy Feel Good
Spray paint on reclaimed wood
(80cm x 100cm x 60cm)

 photo SOAB_01_zpsgnyefb2y.jpg
 photo SOAB_02_zpsiyipha64.jpg
Son Of A Beat
Spray paint on reclaimed wood
(50cm x 220cm x 50cm)

 photo SS_01_zpsvj7yjjwn.jpg
 photo SS_02_zps1qyhzo3d.jpg
 photo SS_03_zpsivv4jasw.jpg
Surround Sound
Variable media
(120cm x 120cm x 120cm)

 photo MBR_01_zpsxxo6nvpc.jpg
 photo MBR_02_zps2pcuursd.jpg
 photo MBR_03_zpsjl9rztvu.jpg
Mister Boogie Room
Spray paint on reclaimed wood, variable media
(300cm x 300cm x 300cm)

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