ZNC Undisputed: The Graffiti Jam

Earlier this month, FAB Family (Shake, Cheztwo, Racht4, Stereoflow) made a trip to Singapore to do a graffiti jam with other graffiti writers from Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC). ZNC is an international crew consisting members from all around the world. The graffiti jam went crazy as all ZNC members showed offed their amazing styles on a massive wall of a club that supported us called DblO. We also had an after party inside DblO and yes we got wasted! LOL

Too bad we couldn't stay there long enough to finish the whole wall. So make sure ya'll stay tuned for the full wall and the video that CheztItOut has prepared!

Thanks to SlacSatu, DblO, Montana and a big shout out to all ZNC around the world!

Thanks to WADEZIG! for supporting FAB Family


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