Purple Haze: The Winners

Photobucket These are the winners to the 'Win Purple Haze' contest. All the winners will receive one Purple Haze t-shirt delivered straight to their homes.

Thank you all for your support and congratulations to the winners! I'm really happy with all the submissions. I hope all of you will keep on painting or pasting up your own works in the future. For those who didn't win, better luck next time. Flow like you know!
Photobucket Adyy Debil (Bandung)

Photobucket Alee (Jambi)

Photobucket Smanetwo (Medan)

Photobucket Gunz Gunner (Bandung)

Photobucket Muhamad Irvan Abdussalam (Sukabumi)

Photobucket Left: Ajis (Semarang) | Right: Vanztwo (Bandung)

Photobucket Edor by Ma'ruf (Ambarawa)


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