photo Patt1_zps019cc165.jpg
I've always had this thought that my method in creating my visual works are just the same as how I create my music. So here is my attempt in trying to explain that basic thought.

A hip-hop producer makes their beats usually by cutting short parts of a song. Those cuts are called samples. Then the samples are then combined with other samples such as drum loops, bass lines, piano melodies or just about any sound that they think sounds good to them, creating a loop of a couple of bars then looping it into a whole song. Modern hip-hop producers also compose their own beats, rhythms and melodies. But basically have the same methods in producing a song. Which is creating that loop of a four to eight bars that sounds just right to the ears and not getting bored of it after it loops over and over.

This artwork interprets the the technical process of how a I make my music. Composing shapes into loops then combining them into one whole artwork.


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