Southbank Rules

 photo 711032DB-C585-4BC8-9AFF-CBF727D432BB-3188-000004D17BC76C8F_zps6cfb340c.jpg
Commission work with Shake. Painting the rules of Southbank Gastrobar. A cool bar indeed if you're into the liquor. Also a good friend of mine, DJ E-One is a the resident deejay their. So swing by, it's located at Jalan Aceh #91, Bandung.

 photo 4B700F87-77F3-485A-AA57-BD8C3B4EABE1-3188-000004D162E55C89_zps8a7ecc49.jpg
 photo 2E7E76A4-3AE4-4F55-BDFE-AABF1F32D593-3188-000004D44343D15B_zps0890265c.jpg
 photo 82750B1A-2ED0-4758-8BBB-E33E3350D947-3188-000004D1743EC1E7_zps25ad5cb6.jpg


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