Beatscape: Preparation

 photo BS_P_00_zpsjgcbzpiy.jpg
Rifandy Priatna (Curator) and I had discussed this concept of having a solo show back in 2013. But it seemed the two of us got ourselves tied up with our own work. Since that time, I have been participating in various exhibitions and held a mini solo show at Lir Space (Yogyakarta). They were all valuable experiences for my career as an artist. Until mid-June, Rifandy Priatna invited me to finally have this solo show that we've been discussing about.

 photo BS_P_01_zpsxzpnkgsn.jpg
 photo BS_P_02_zps8hkycjet.jpg
 photo BS_P_03_zps7unvrzqo.jpg
 photo BS_P_08_zps0h4p5tin.jpg
 photo BS_P05_zpsv5hrj22i.jpg
 photo BS_P_04_zps86ar97a4.jpg
 photo BS_P_06_zpsllivq351.jpg
Thank you Dripsndrops, Montana Cans, Wadezig!, Gardu House and Salian.


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