Beatscape: A Solo Exhibition

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A Solo Exhibition by STEREOFLOW a.k.a Adi Dharma

Opening :
Saturday, 1 August 2015 |

Stereoflow has been exploring music and visual art through his work for the past few years. Using Funk and hip-hop music as his muse, he unconciously replicates the spirit of the music on his recent work. Through flowing shapes, contrasting pattern and colors Stereflow work share the same significance notion with the music, Beat. As musician have the capability to see sound and compose it into an arrangement in form of harmony of tone and beat. Stereoflow is able to hear the sound of every shape and colors, and compose it visually to create its own harmony. Beatscape is a journey of a Bandung based street artist into his personal dreams, music and vision.

Curated by Rifandy Priatna

Contributing essay by:
Riksa Afiaty & Ing Landjanun

Music Performance by:
Funkbox Records

Exhibition will run through until 21 August 2015

Tuesday – Friday : 15.00 – 22.00
Saturday – Sunday : 11.00 – 22.00
Closed on Monday

Supported by:
Drips n Drops
Montana Cans


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