Go Ahead And...

I'm very opened to change and development. But i cannot be open when change develops into chaos like my city Bandung is turning in to. Malls and shopping centers are getting built everywhere like making babies without knowing the consequences they bring or without asking if this city is ready yet. Major traffic jams and people forced to move out of their houses. Don't forget to mention factory outlets in Dago (street). I don't know about you, but they seem annoying to me. Especially the one with the eye-blinding lights!

Maybe you're thinking this is Bandung in it's development towards a more modern and civilized city. But I don't see it becoming a better city. Maybe the roads need to get wider first or something. It feels like the people running this city only wants results by skipping an important and crucial part of it's process. One thing for sure is that a big question popping up like notifications telling me "Who Runs BDG?". Why run something if you're not standing? So Go Ahead And... Piss Off! We, the people of BDG. We should run BDG!


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