Bomb The Van

Bomb The Van by CheztItOut!

14 Artists, 1 Van.

Pasar Seni ITB is held once every four years and 2010's Pasar Seni was held on the 10th of October which is precisely 10/10/10. The event also lasted for only ten hours. It is a big event for the arts and every art enthusiasts came that day.

Me and other street artist, graffiti writeres and urban artists from Basement did a live painting on a van. The concept was as simple as what we did on the streets. That is each artist painting over a piece from the artist before.

The Artists Are: The Yellow Dino, Cikcuk, TellThem, Kumkum, Olderplus, 60, Stereoflow, Noah, Cheztwo, Racht4, Skid, Astronautboys, Bedlam, Shake,


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