Mr. Cochrane

Mr. Cochrane -Ray Cochrane- was my 5th grade teacher when I was back in Sydney. And like all teachers do, Ray taught me well. I remember when he made a tie out of duct tape for the yearly class photos telling us he forgot to bring his tie. From that I learned that one needs to be not only creative but to create and stand in your own perspective. Like one time a classmate saw him overlapping a car but Ray considered it as changing lanes. Well it might not seem very important to you but those conversations with Ray kind of effected the way I think today.

As long as I could remember Ray draws ridiculously good and he can play the guitar. Very artistic man with a good sense of humor. A very cool teacher indeed for a 5th grader who loves to draw and sure he still inspires me until today.

A few weeks ago he kindly took a picture of my art print posted up on his wall in his really awesome music room of his. Very flattering. Thanks Ray!


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