Monstore: "The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition

Prepare for "The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition by Monstore, with special performance from The Trees & The Wild for the Monstore x The Trees & The Wild Series Launching.

The Scene Stealers are both established and emerging artists who had contributed their artworks and collaborated creatively with Monstore. The name Scene Stealers itself is based on Monstore’s basic concept that there's a scene or a story in every artwork that they print on their tees, and these Scene Stealers are those who had successfully stolen their scene.

The Scene Stealers:
WOYK, Randy RHRJ, L.I.A, A.R.A.J.I, Varsam, Ryan Tandya, Stereoflow, CikCuk,Monez, Balint, Kimmick.

This celebration of art, music and fashion is surely not to be missed. The who’s who of Jakarta’s creative society will surely be flocking down to Mazee to be a part of this exciting event.


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